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Natural Resource Careers

two-fisted CAJA feeding (Pittsburg 10-Jan-21)_edited.jpg

Pam Hunt

Avian Conservation Biologist

bill hauser.jpg

Bill Hauser

Administrator: Bureau of Environment; Office of Stewardship & Compliance


Elyse Scott

Environmental Education Intern


Ralph Pisapia

Field Biologist and Assistant director, New England region


Energy Educator - NHEEP

Aubrey Nelson

Leaves Shadow

Joshua Levesque

Natural Resource Manager/ Environmental Compliance Coordinator

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Jane Hislop

Chemist, NRS 07 Analytical Lab Co-manager

dawn headshot.jpg

Dawn Dextraze

Environmental Educator

emily whalen resized pic.jpg

Emily Whalen

UNH Ph.D. student / Soil Microbial Ecology Lab

jan h.jpg

Jan Hooper

Coordinator Director,


Kyle Lombard

Forest Health Specialist

Nicole Ellis nhe soils pic1.jpg

Nicole Ellis

Soil Scientist


Tracey Lesser

Chemistry and Environmental Science Professor

Judy T head shot.jpg

Judy Tumosa

Natural Resource Specialist and Educator


Ken Kettenring

Wetlands and Hazardous Waste Remediation (Super Fund)


Marc Morgan

Solid Waste Manager

KK photo.jpg

Kim Kapteyn

Microbiotix, Administrative Assistant


Paul O'Hanlon

Environmental Permitting Specialist

Leaves Shadow

Catherine Dufault

District Manager

Leaves Shadow

Timothy Drew

Administrator of Public Information and Permitting, Office of the Commissioner

sue more pic 2.jpg

Sue Moore

Educator Naturalist

Massachusetts Audubon

Sue Moore bio.png
kayla bio pic.jpeg

Kayla Croteau

Watershed Education Specialist

NH Fish and Game Department

Kayla Croteau bio.jpeg
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