In addition to the Annual Competition, the NH Envirothon program also hosts teacher and student trainings, though they are virtual this year.

Teacher trainer NHE advisor webinars were on 11/30/21 and 12/14/21.  There is still lots of time to join, prepare your team, and learn about this amazing academic competition that sticks with kids for life!  Contact Margie, the NH Envirothon Program Coordinator at ​

iNaturalist via NCF


NHE Mini-Challenge Trainings

1. Wildlife - Project Wild: Overview: Grade level index and  Inventory Methods - Plants and Wildlife on School or Community Grounds;  NH Wild birds Overview and Data sheet

2. Aquatics - Topographic maps and watershed delineation; and educational resources at Project Wet.

3. Forestry - Tree ID, Measure, and Map Activity; Silviculture Techniques ActivityBiltmore Stick Activity; Matter Cycles and Energy Flows Activity


Other trainings

Wildlife and General NHE - Wild birds Ecosystem Exploration lesson plan


     Data sheet

     Site comparison

Go to the competition tab on this site to see this year's many relevant resource links, contacts, learning objectives, and more within each content area!

Please view the NHE '21 Training Webinar Series to help prepare for the 2022 NH Envirothon competition! 

Please also visit the site frequently for updates and new training information.


 The webinars below still have some useful information for 2022- check them out!

NHE '21 Current Issues Webinar

NHE '21 Soils Webinar

NHE '21 Aquatics Webinar

NHE  Forestry Webinar

No upcoming events at the moment