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A favorite topic for many Envirothon participants, the Wildlife section allows students to learn firsthand from wildlife professionals about animal populations and their dynamics, and the importance of habitat conservation.

The information below is designed to assist you in preparing for the Wildlife section of this year’s New Hampshire Envirothon. The Wildlife section will evaluate your knowledge of general wildlife biology and basic wildlife management. You will need to understand basic ecology, and habitat management concepts and principles. In addition, you should become familiar with this year’s theme as it relates to wildlife.

2023 Wildlife Learning Objectives

2023 Wildlife Resources



Current Year Resources

2023 Wildlife Study Resources

New Hampshire Fish and Game Website:


Borrow a Furbearer Fundamentals Kit (pelts, scat, tracks, skulls) from NH Fish & Game:


NH Wildlife Action Plan:


NH Wildlife Action Plan Climate Change Chapter:


NH Wildlife Action Plan White Mountain Fritillary:


NH Fish and Game Climate Change Webpages:


NH Fish and Game Moose in a Changing Climate:


NH Wildlife Habitats from NHFG:


NH Habitat Management from NHFG:


NH Wildlife Species Profiles from NHFG:


Ecological Concepts and Wildlife Management Techniques (concentrate on pages 5-15, 43-45, and 118- 141):


Wildlife Physical and Behavioral Adaptations:


Cornell Lab of Ornithology (All About Birds):


National Audubon Society (Birds): NH Audubon


State of the Birds:


Wildlife Species Profiles from US Fish and Wildlife Service:


Wildlife and Climate Change from National Park Service:


Brook Trout and Climate Change from UMASS:


Generalist and Specialist Species from National Geographic:


Role of Keystone Species in an Ecosystem from National Geographic:

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Wildlife Resource Team

Lindsay Webb               NH Fish and Game , Wildlife Educator

Drew Major                   US Fish and Wildlife, Specialist        

Maria Colby                  Wings Wildlife, Director                   

Willamina Coroka        NH Audubon. Education Specialist


Thaddeus Kendziora  US Fish and Wildlife, Wildlife Biologist                                                          

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