Students develop an understanding of the practices for maintaining a healthy forest ecosystem through the help of professional foresters. They learn species identification, forest structure and dynamics, and a variety of management approaches.

The Forestry section of the NH Envirothon will deal with the basic knowledge of forest types and facts that influence their diversity and use. Generally, your study should concentrate on the basics of how trees function and their importance to the forest ecosystem. You should focus on forest types, composition, identification and characteristics, important insects and diseases of New Hampshire forests, and the benefits of forest land and forest management practices. The Forestry test will also include a few questions on the impact of nitrates and phosphates on water quality, and methods to reduce these impacts in agricultural and forest settings.

The Forestry section of the NH Envirothon test will consist of a two-part challenge:

  1. A written section consisting of short answer, multiple choice, and true and false questions on any tree or forest-related topic. The publication “Good Forestry in the Granite State” is a featured reference and has been a source for many of the Forestry test questions over the years. Focus on “Recommended Voluntary Forest Management Practices for New Hampshire” with special reference to the following sections: Regeneration Methods, Water Quality, Forest Management in Riparian Areas, and Stream Crossings and Habitat. All of these publications are available below.

  2. A hands-on field exercise, which will include tree identification, forest measurements and forestry management methods. 

Current Year Resources 


Forestry Resource Team

Dawn Dextraze             Sullivan County Conservation District     

Josh Levesque             US Army Corps of Engineers                   

Karen Hoey                   US Army Corps of Engineers                   


Jennifer Barnhart         US Forest Service                                      

Sue Cox                         US Forest Service                                      

Florence Peterson      US Forest Service                                       

Mary Kaur                     US Forest Service                                       

Karl Honkonen             US Forest Service                                      



Since 1991, the NH Envirothon has supported student growth and inquiry in Environmental Science, under the direction of the New Hampshire Association of Conservation Districts (NHACD).  


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